Purple Cabbage Potato Salad

It is no secret that I love BBQs and BBQ food! I think this is because I am a summer baby, I am born in late August (the 28th) and ever since I can remember my birthdays have always been BBQs in the park or at the pool. My family also knows how to thrown down on some BBQ ribs, chicken, links, Mac cheese, potato salad, baked beans, sweet potatoes and any other grilling food you can think of. Because I have such a big family, lots of cousins, aunts and uncles, having a BBQ has just been an easy way to feed so many people. Over the years, my mom and dad have gotten pretty good at it. Plus, the way my family feels about food, usually everyone brings a dish to share.

Last night was my Auntie Nancy’s birthday. She is the youngest of the siblings on my mother’s side. Her favorite food is fried chicken, so my uncle decided he would fry the chicken and everyone else can bring the side dishes plus cake. My sister Lauren put her foot in some Mac Cheese (the leftovers I will devour later) and I made baked beans and potato salad. My youngest sister Laisani make a homemade Strawberry Short Cake and my Aunt Carmen brought over a Double Chocolate Cake. My Grandmother baked a key lime pie, with homemade crust and it was so good! So we had a good filling dinner last night. I always love it when Lauren makes her Mac Cheese because it is a recipe that has been passed down from my Mother, who makes it really REALLY good. I don’t think I can make it as good as they can YET. Dinner was great and there were minimal leftovers. I think Aunty Nancy had a good birthday and felt very loved.

The recipe for the Potato Salad was one I created myself as I was in the grocery store. The night before I had looked a few different recipes, and was originally going to go with one I found. But when I got to the grocery store my cell phone service was acting up so I decided to free hand the ingredients picking up whatever I thought would be tasty together. I knew I wanted to use red potatoes, and hard-boiled eggs. I was going to use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise, but decided against that idea last minute. Knowing my family, for this special occasion they’d want the real deal, no healthy versions necessary.



8 – 9 red potatoes

6 boiled eggs

½ of a Small Red Onion (chopped)

1 bag shredded Purple Cabbage

¼ cup Chopped Dill

2 Cups Mayonnaise (I used one made with olive oil)

1 Cup Sweet Relish

Salt and Pepper



First I filled a pot ½ way full with water, then put it on the stove to boil. I then washed the potatoes and cut them into fourths. They will boil faster if you cut them previous to boiling. Carefully place the potatoes in the boiling water and let them cook while you cut up the other ingredients.

In a much smaller pot, boil water for the eggs. Place eggs in boiling water and let cook for 7 to 10 minutes. Turn off burner and let eggs sit in hot water until you are ready to peel.

On the cutting board dice up the onion, I only used half of one, but I am sure if you’d like you can use the whole onion. Keep in mind I did buy a small onion opposed to some of the gigantic ones they sell at the grocery store. It all depends on your preference. The cabbage is already shredded, but I gave them a quick chop as well. Then I chopped up the dill, and although I didn’t measure I think I use about ¼ of a cup. You can always add more.

Once the potatoes are boiled which takes about 20 to 25 minutes. I strained them, then ran cold water over them to stop the potatoes from cooking. I let the potatoes cool for about another 15 to 20 minutes before I seasoned them with salt and pepper.

After I seasoned them I put all the potatoes on a large bowl so that I could mix all ingredients in easily. I added in the onion, cabbage and dill. Gave that a mix, then added in the 1 cup of mayo. Then add half a cup of sweet relish.  Stir in the rest of the mayo, then finish it off with the rest of the sweet relish. Remember the eggs you boiled earlier? Run cold water over them before pealing and cutting up. I always add the eggs last because they are so delicate. Mix the eggs in and add more salt and pepper. Mix all together and there you have it – Potato Salad! Be sure to taste it before you serve it, it may need more relish, or salt, tasting your food is key to knowing if it is ready to serve or needs something extra. You can store this dish in the fridge until ready to serve.

My family loved this potato salad, even my Grandma Delores who has her own Dill Potato Salad recipe that I have yet to try and make myself. I love that the purple cabbage adds lovely color, the sweet relish give it that sweet pickle taste.  I hope you enjoy this dish as much as I do!

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