Glitter Inspired Bottle Decor

Happy Tuesday everybody! This weekend I dabbled in a little DIY. I’ve always wanted to experiment with spray painting wine bottles, and this weekend was perfect for a little outdoor do it yourself project. First I did a little research into the best method and found the “I Do, I Don’t Design” blog, which has a great tutorial found here – 

Below are pictures of the steps I took, and the final looks. Instead of putting these around the house, I will be using them as table decor at my graduation party. Planning on using them for the cake table and entry table, I am thinking I pop in a sunflower or two inside also. 


What You’ll Need:

Spray paint of desired color 

Painters Tape


1. First you need to get those labels off, I soaked the bottled in warm water and nail polish remover. Then I used a scrubber to the adhesive off. I did not soak them for long probably 10 minutes, because I didn’t have time to soak them longer. Expect to use those arm muscles if you don’t have much time. 


2. After the bottles are adhesive/label free, let them dry for a little bit while you get out the newspaper, painters tape and spray paint. Once bottles are dry, start placing tape in design you want. 


3. Shake spray paint, and then begin to spray thin layer about 10-12 inches away from bottle. If you spray too close to the bottle, it the paint will begin to drip. 


4. Wait for spray paint to dry, and then remove painters tape. There may be some ares that need re-touching, if this happens just let the first coat dry then re-spray the area that needs to be touched up. Let dry, then remove painters tape.





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